Office Tech: What will we do without…

This article on Mashable today lists ten office technologies on the way out.

I don’t think all of these are extinct.  Thumb drives?  Say it ain’t so…I love my little teeny portable backup.  Cloud storage is still too uncertain.  Look what happened to Dropbox.

Phones aren’t ready to be replaced yet either.  As one commenter on the article pointed out, computer-based systems rely too much on the PC, and cells just aren’t flexible or reliable enough.  Many customers don’t like email or texting, especially when they are upset and want an answer now.

“What the—hello? Hello? Can you hear me now? Arggh!”

Image: maya picture /

Fax machines are still the go-to for hard copy documents, especially those with signatures.  While scanning and emailing suffice, everyone knows they aren’t secure enough for confidential files.  So I don’t foresee the fax capability vacating printers and copiers anytime soon.

Standard working hours have indeed changed somewhat, and with everyone connected all the time, even vacations aren’t sacrosanct anymore.  I think this one is for real and will only get worse.  We’re going to have to fight for our right to personal time, people.

Desktop computers, maybe.  As business gets more mobile and more people telecommute, eventually a monster PC that can’t go in your briefcase or pocket will become obsolete.   With telecommuting, office attire (which I hate) has kind of gone out the window as well (Yay!).  As long as you don’t have a meeting, who cares if you’re working in Hello Kitty pajamas?

Note: I do not own this item. You are not now reading that I have a secret affinity for Hello Kitty. *waves hand* These are not the pajamas you’re looking for.


I’ve been plowing through Star Trek: The Next Generation again on Netflix.  It’s one of my favorite shows, not just for the characters, but the cool tech Starfleet uses.  Remember how excited we all were over its utopian practicality?

Like this, for example. Whee!

Captain Picard uses tablets all the time, I’ve noticed.  Some of the technology in TNG is here now, or in its fledgling stages.  Tablets, 3D printers (replicators) and people are even talking about holodeck technology.  Besides the fun stuff, these all have applications in the real world, and they may change the way we work.

But companies right now are still too butt-in-chair.  Service professions still demand a phone at the least, and a physical presence at most, and they have rapidly taken over.  Kind of ironic considering how poor customer service is at most companies, isn’t it?

Also, new technology costs money.  The newer it is, the more expensive it will be, and it comes with added costs:  maintenance, time spent training employees to use it, insurance.  I’m thinking the new frugal bosses will make do with that wheezy old fax for a while yet.

Clackity, clackity, clackity….




4 thoughts on “Office Tech: What will we do without…

  1. I love this!! I found the article really interesting. I thought it was interesting how both corner offices and cubicles are going “out of style” it will be interesting to see what replaces them.

    • Beth Anne–yeah, I’m not too sure about that one. Many offices already have open plans, and I seriously doubt execs will give up the big office with the windows anytime soon. If they replaced them with big smooshy couches we could lie on with our laptops, I could get down with that. 🙂

  2. I suggested telecommuting to a manager here. She was horrified at the idea. “How will I know if my people are working?” she asked.

    “How do you know they’re working now?” I answered.

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