So You’re Unemployed! A Slideshow

I love PowerPoint slideshows.  I never get to do them.  You don’t see them much anymore, although we used them a lot when I was briefly in teacher school.

At the risk of making this the Unemployment Blog, I would like to share this one I made with you.   It was the beginning of a series that eventually morphed into The XYZ Company Files.

Yes, I made it at work.  No, I didn’t get in trouble. In fact, my boss at the time laughed her butt off.  Being on that side of the desk, it undoubtedly touched a nerve.


So You’re Unemployed!


6 thoughts on “So You’re Unemployed! A Slideshow

  1. As I have worked at my current place for 21 years, I can remember when PowerPoint slideshows became “all the rage” when presenting your ideas to potential clients. Now, as you point out, PP has fallen out of favor. InDesign is the “IN” program for setting up displays for marketing and presentation boards. I feel like I’m in OZ – ‘She’s (InDesign) worse than the other one.’

    Liz – I’m working on all mojo to help you find your new job and one where they appreciate what they’ve got!

    • Thank you CV! 🙂 You teh awesome.

      I haven’t used InDesign. I probably can’t afford it, and anyway with the front desk jobs I do, it’s not usually necessary. I still like PP and will probably use it as long as Microsoft includes it in their Office suite.

  2. Are you sure you aren’t from Hawaii? That reference to hoochy-mama tops and flip flops is a dead give away. Thanks again for the laughs!

  3. Ok, I’ll leave a comment here!

    We used PowerPoint all the time in college. *shrugs*

    I remember trying to get a job one summer, and after my interview gave a polite follow-up call every Friday. The answer was always, “The boss isn’t in, and he hasn’t talked about you yet.” After like a month of this, I finally got an answer of, “Sorry, you weren’t selected for the position.” Granted, it was pulling non-native plants from the sides of the road, but still.

    I suspect it was because I asked for a higher pay per hour than someone else (the professor who referred me to the job said this boss told him the going rate was $12/hr, so that’s what I quoted at the interview when asked). I just wish they would have actually let me know after the second time I called that either they’d get back to me by X date, or just tell me I’m out of the running right then. Knowing what I do now, I might have waited a couple weeks after the first call to make another, then taken the silence after that as a hint.

    • You live and learn, so no biggie. The person who answers the phone typically isn’t allowed to release that information unless instructed. It doesn’t sound like they were smart enough to hire you anyway. 🙂 Although the job might have sucked, so maybe you dodged a bullet!

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